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Goals for a third term

Economic Development

  • As Vice Chair of the City’s Housing and Redevelopment Authority, collaborate to establish goals and timelines for job growth and related metrics.

  • Turn the long-neglected Dickerman Park property into a quality urban park that will catalyze private investment in jobs and housing.

  • Work with Metro Transit (property owner), City staff, and surrounding property owners to maximize  development potential of the Snelling bus garage site and redevelopment of Midway Shopping Center.

  • Support development opportunities on other developable sites across Ward 4, such as the Old Sholom site on Midway Parkway, Luther Seminary on Como, several sites along the Green LIne, and sites off of University Avenue in the Creative Enterprise Zone in St. Anthony Park.

  • Work with St. Paul Port Authority and the local business community on new efforts to attract and retain good-paying jobs in St. Paul and reverse the job losses of the past decade.

Solid Waste/Recycling

  • Work with the Mayor’s office and Public works to bolster the City’s recycling program and recycling rate, including residential organics pickup, by 2017.

  • Work towards Citywide coordinated trash collection in order to save residents money, reduce wear and tear on our streets and alleys, and improve air quality.

Transportation Options

  • Improve North Snelling with planned projects in 2015, and work toward extending improvements south of Dayton and north of Taylor on Snelling.

  • Streetcars and transitways progress

  • Substantial implementation of the Citywide Bike Plan

  • Citywide Safe Routes to School initiative, working with St. Paul Public Schools and other partners

  • Work with partners to make greater progress on pedestrian safety

  • West Midway Transportation improvements to reduce conflicts between heavy trucks and the high quality public realm along University Avenue.

  • Resolve the question of whether to bring back parking on parts of University Avenue at certain times of day, or a bike facility in the Aldine to Transfer Road section.

  • Change City’s process for dealing with icy/snowy sidewalks so that clear sidewalks are expedited in order to improve mobility for families, the elderly, transit users, everyone!

Racial Equity

  • Help establish and support new and existing programs to provide clearer pathways for residents of color to become City employees, such as the EMS Academy and the Right Track program.  The City employees 2,700 people and should be a vehicle for improving racial equity in our community.

  • Support continued and expanded coordination between City, School District, and Ramsey County to offer constructive out-of-school time services for youth, and school success through programs such as Promise Neighborhood and Parent Academy.

  • Support and advocate for strategic investments in facilities and services in neighborhoods around the City where people of color and lower income residents live.