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Constituent testimonials -- why we make a FUSS for RUSS!

Each time we have had a specific need to discuss a neighborhood issue with Russ, he has taken the time to personally speak to us about our concerns, investigate the situation, and provide a direct response. We couldn't ask more of a councilman.                                                                                                                      
     --Edward Shinbach, Kings Maplewood

I've always found Russ to be a careful listener and a plain speaker. He is also adept at speaking to diverse audiences - he can speak to engineers, planners, business owners, developers, and residents and help translate messages between these groups.
     --Dan Trudeau, Hamline Midway resident

We support Russ because he has a successful track record in promoting projects that improve our quality of life; good transportation options and care for the environment . We look forward to his continued work in enhancing equality in education and employment in Saint Paul.
     --John Mark Lucas, Saint Anthony Park resident

    I appreciate Russ' efforts to be collaborative and to build bridges with many people, even those who hold different viewpoints. I have heard from several people who have worked with him in a variety of contexts that his approach is always civil and considerate, never polarizing.

    I am personally invested in taking better care of our natural resources and creating more opportunities for everyone in our community to be the best stewards of nature and resources that we can be. I appreciate all that Russ has done to improve biking infrastructure and think more comprehensively about our city's transportation system and options.
     -- Christie Manning, Merriam Park resident

Russ puts people first, and it’s easy to talk to him.
     --Sheri Smith, Merriam Park resident  

    Russ carries himself in a humble and honest way. He listens first, and when he does share his perspective it is thoughtful, gracious and informed. I think Russ expresses his role of leadership through servanthood.

   Russ and his staff were such a strong support and advocate for our business when we wanted to expand and create a neighborhood cafe in the Midway. they helped us navigate City processes, connect us with organizations who could help us, and went to bat for us at the city council level. 
     --Seth McCoy, Hamline Midway resident and owner of Groundswell Cafe

    I can always count on Russ to be thoughtful and deliberative before he makes decisions - not only considering facts, but then the impacts on individuals, households, businesses, and other stakeholders. If I ever wonder why Russ is taking a position, he's always able to articulate it clearly (and even win me over).
    Russ' values around fairness, equity, and making sure everyone in the city has opportunities are what I appreciate. I particularly admire Russ and his family's ability to walk the talk by using public transit in their daily lives - I have that same value, but I'm still bad at using transit! 
     --Jun-Li Wang, Hamline Midway resident

Russ Stark made concrete changes to improve accessibility at bus stops for people with mobility problems near my public housing building. He also referred me to Smart Trips which resulted in perhaps hundreds of shoveled sidewalks in winter. He always answers my questions about how to improve life in St. Paul. He cares and gets things done. You can't ask for more.
     --Linda Mainquist, Saint Anthony Park resident

Russ Stark honestly cares about the community he serves. He has his own point of view, but is open minded to input from others in an effort to make the best decisions. During construction of the Green Line, Russ championed the interests of residents and business owners in ward 4. I look forward to his continued leadership.
     --Jim Segal, Owner of Ax-Man Surplus

   I support Russ because he's a thoughtful and informed leader. We don't agree on every issue but he's always willing to listen and dig deeper to understand the best options for our community and city.
   I support Russ because of his engaged and balanced approach to city government. He's a strong advocate for our ward but also understands the importance of bringing a St. Paul perspective to issues and their impacts.
   I support Russ because he's a proactive problem solver. He builds community around solutions that address short-term needs and contribute to strategies for longer-term success.
     --´╗┐Jon Schumacher, School Board Candidate, Executive Director, Saint Anthony Park Foundation

From the first meeting with Russ Stark we knew we had found the neighborhood for our brewery. Russ understands small business and the community he represents. He is approachable and solution oriented. Russ is making a big difference for this community one small business at a time.
     --Jill Pavlak & Deb Loch, Urban Growler Brewing Co.

Russ Stark is one of the most thoughtful elected officials in the state. He thinks deeply about issues that affect our neighborhood and city and works with others to get things done! We're proud and happy to support Russ!
     --Mary Kay and John Bailey, Hamline Midway resident

    Thank you so much for the work you do in supporting business in the neighborhood. You supported businesses during Snelling Avenue construction and you worked on reducing the street assessments.
    On August 29,2015, we had the Midway Art Festival in partnership with Midway Murals and Little Africa. At that event, you visited all of the murals and took time to talk to people and support the effort. Thank you so much for your continued support to the Little Africa cultural district."
     --Gene Gelgelu, African Economic Development Solutions